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If you're thinking of selling or you might be ready to sell your home, our first step is Straight Talk. In order to offer you confidential dealings, honesty and loyalty, we need to meet. Face to face. Person to person.

There are so many reasons that could lead you to this big decision; we need to discuss reasons for a sale, timing and our mutual expectations among a few other important things. Whatever your reason for a move, I have the experience to guide you to make educated real estate decisions and offer the kind of service you deserve.

Pricing Strategy

There are many things to consider while preparing to sell one’s home. A property’s appeal to potential buyers can be impacted negatively or positively based on the following;

Curb Appeal

Cleanliness & Staging

Scents and Smells

Maintenance and Repairs

Setting a fair market price


Let our team assist you in the following ways;

  • Making suggestions to add creative touches to your yard or property
  • Pointing out the importance of small property repairs or upgrades that will help get buyers attention and potentially increase the value of your home
  • Suggest ways to declutter or stage your home to keep it organized, smelling beautiful and clean during the selling process.
  • Handle all showing requests and organize show times with the goal of getting you top dollar for your home.

Marketing Strategy

In the current Real Estate market having a professional like Mel, working on your behalf will provide you with strategies and experience developed to ensure that your property stands out in the marketplace. Mel’s team can maximize your opportunities in the current Real Estate market.

Pricing is just one aspect of marketing your home professionally. Knowledge and the experience of a professional Realtor® to set the stage early on for negotiations that result in you getting maximum dollar for your home or property is really worth it!


Our team can provide maximum market exposure so that you can best leverage buyer interest and emotions early on. Call a professional. Call Mel.

Negotiating the Purchase Contract

Negotiating a Real Estate transaction is with rare exception the most complex part of selling a home. At the same time, it’s the one that involves the most creativity. That’s why it’s important to have an experienced REALTOR who has worked through different transaction scenarios. We are equipped to handle the negotiation process for you.

Our priority is to meet your expectations. Here are some factors to consider during the offer stages:

  • Remember your priorities (this might not always be price)
  • Ask questions
  • Remember your obligations
  • Stay calm and patient
  • Rely on Mel’s team to guide you through

Conditions, Home Inspections & Waivers

A pending sales agreement almost always includes contingencies or conditions that have to be fulfilled by the buyer before a specified date that was agreed upon in the purchase contract:

Typical conditions include;

  • The buyer to secure financing
  • A home inspection of the property
  • Any additional contractual promises such as home improvements or repairs to be made


There are two possible outcomes.

  • If all conditions are fulfilled a condition waiver will be completed by the buyer’s REALTOR. At this point in time you will have a firm deal!
  • The buyer, after a home inspection or review of the property, may request a renegotiation of the terms of the contract based on the results of their review. The negotiation will continue (sometimes a price adjustment is necessary or an adjustment of other terms of the purchase contract) until both parties are satisfied.


Our team can assist you with resources such as a trusted list of home inspectors, mortgage specialists, lawyers and moving companies.

Closing & Possession Day

Prior to closing or possession day there are a few last steps to selling your home.

A final walk thru may be requested by the buyers’ REALTOR® to ensure that all is in order. In addition, you will arrange to disconnect home services and utilities, transfer insurance policies, etc. after the closing date.

Don’t worry; we won’t leave your side until we can officially say CONGRATULATIONS!

The day of closing or possession day, the buyer’s lawyer will complete all the loose ends of the transaction, transferring funds to your lawyer so he or she can release keys to the new buyer. At this time your property or home will be SOLD.